festival only for women


Why only women? Why can’t men come, too?
There aren’t any shortage of festivals where men can come, too!
But when women can gather by themselves, it enables a different quality of sharing and trust, an opportunity to open up in a safe environment.

Am I too young/old/inexperienced to come?
The richness of the retreats is in the diversity of those who attend! You’re welcome regardless of who you are, what you believe or what your life story has been.

Where do we sleep?
It’s a camping festival so bring a tent! We will also have tipis and a tea tent in case of rain and there will be fires to be warm around.

What about the toilets and showers?
There are compost toilets and bucket showers in the forest by the stream with private areas where you can use soap and shampoo. Simple and natural.

Is this some crazy hippie thing?
If you mean do we sing, dance and hug – yes!

If you mean do we believe in elves and fairies – not so much! We believe it’s possible to find healing, community and heart-opening experience whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Who counts as a ‘woman’?
If you identify as a woman you can come.

Can I bring my children?
You can bring female children, yes. Or male babies up to the age of 2.

Children under the age of 12 come for free. From 12-16 they’re half-price.

Can I take drugs/psychedlics?

It’s not that kind of festival.

We’re coming together to be present and creative. We’ll still party like crazy some nights but just on the power of music and inspiration alone. So please don’t bring drink and drugs.

Can I teach a workshop?

Absolutely. In fact that’s the main idea of the festival – for each person to share their creativity and knowledge.

Your workshop should be about an hour and a half at the longest although exceptions can be made so that you would make a double-workshop lasting for three hours.

There should be some sheltered spaces available but remember we’re in the forest and conditions are basic!

Do I need to bring a tent?
Yes. Though you can always ask on the Facebook page if someone has space in their tent! There are also a few dry areas in the tipis but space is limited there and you have to jump up when there’s a workshop going on!

Do I need to bring food?

Included in the ticket price is a cooked lunch. dinner, and all the tea and coffee. We also provide apples, carrots, bread and jam, porridge, for a self-service breakfast.

The food is vegan, delicious and healthy.

But, yes, it’s always nice to bring some chocolate and treats to share!

Is there somewhere to park my car/van?

Yes, there is an area about 800 metres from the main festival area where you can park your car or van. It’s fine if you sleep in your van. But it’s more fun to bring a tent and sleep on the festival site.

What are the toilets and showers like?

Simple but functional and discreet! There are sit-down compost toilets where you have privacy and yet nature all around.

We have bucket showers and a lake to swim in.

What kind of people will come?

Your kind of people.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – all you need is a creative spirit and an inner curiosity. We like it that all kinds of people of different ages and  backgrounds come. The richness of the festival is in its diversity.

Where is the festival exactly?

When you book your place we will send you an information pack with exact directions but here’s a general guide on how to get there.

Basically it’s near Malonty and Ceske Budejovice in the south-west of the Czech Republic close to the Austrian border.

What will the weather be like?
We don’t know! But it’s good to bring clothes for all weather just in case.

How big will the festival be?

We’re limiting it to 100 places plus some teachers, musicians and volunteers.

The idea is that it should be small enough that we still make eye contact and say hi when we pass each other on the path!