At Woman to Woman Festival, everyone is invited to teach and share.

What does this look like?

There’s a big workshop board and everyone can write on it what kind of workshop they want to make – anything from yoga to dance to psychology to art to acrobatics to massage to Tarot cards to meditation to painting to foraging to creative writing. You’re free to teach and share any aspect of your knowledge, skills and experience.

There can be a few different workshops going on at a time so in one day you can choose to go to 4 workshops out of 10 or 11 activities going on.

The workshops usually last about an hour an half and so here’s how your day might look:

8am – crawl out of your tent in search of coffee

9am – go to do yoga among the flowers

11am – join the mushroom recognition walk in the forest

1pm – have lunch in a circle in the sun

3pm – go to the open your voice workshop 

5pm – go to the contact improvisation dance session

7pm – have dinner under a sunset sky

9pm – attend the circle on healing sexual experiences in the tipi

11pm – wander back down to the fire to sing and dance before remembering you really should head back to your tent if you want to go to that meditation workshop in the morning…

You don’t need to be an expert to run a workshop at the festival, it’s more about sharing your creativity, your inspiration and opening a space for others to take part in something new.