Music around the fire

When most people think of a festival they imagine big crowds, over-priced food and favourite bands playing on stages so far away you need to look at the enormous screens to see what’s going on.

Woman to Woman Festival has no stages or concerts, there isn’t even any electricity.

Instead, we make acoustic, unplugged music around the fire at night where everyone can join in to dance like crazy. It’s hard to describe just what moments of wild revelry can take over everyone, dancing like no one can see them – and yet because there is no alcohol, no drugs, the mood is both wild and conscious at the same time.

Then there are softer moments where everyone is huddled around in a circle, the firelight painting their faces amber, and someone plays a song that  just melts the heart and there’s barely a dry face in sight.

Anyone is welcome to play and there are plenty of simple catchy songs where everyone can sing together.

When there’s bad weather – or we just get thirsty – then we also play in the tea tent, and during the day it’s normal for people to trade songs, share skills and there will be workshops on opening the voice to encourage you to join in.