What happens at the Woman to Woman Festival?

women's festival


The Woman to Woman Festival invites 100 women to spend a week on a mountain to share, learn and celebrate together.

It’s a camping festival held on a beautiful mountain in the Czech Republic with forest all around, running streams and a nearby lake where we can swim.

The festival has big tipis and fires at night and it’s a space free from alcohol, drugs and mobile phones. This creates a conscious, mindful atmosphere where we can relate to the people we’re with in the place we’re in.

We make all the vegan food for everyone and we eat in a circle around the fire which is a great time to sit down next to someone you don’t know and make a new friend 🙂

There will be a tea tent where you can get different kinds of tea and coffee at any time of day or night, and it’s a great place to just chill when you need a break from the sun and all the inspiration!

It’s a participatory festival where everyone is invited to teach a workshop and share their knowledge/skills/experience. So in any given day you might go to 4 different workshops and learn anything from dance to painting to self-defence to foraging wild plants..

In the evening we make music around the fire without any stages or concerts, just singing and dancing freely under the stars.

We also hold sharing circles in the big tipi at night and share our stories in an atmosphere of listening and empathy.

There are just 100 places so it’s a cosy, welcoming event where you can come by yourself and make new friends on the first day.