Who runs the festival?

The Woman to Woman Festival is an event organised by the Creative Camps association which is dedicated to running small events without alcohol or drugs, where people of different nationalities and backgrounds can come together to learn, share and create.

We also run the Festival of Creativity and the Festival of Sensuality.


The festival is led by Stephanie Hernandez, a life coach who empowers women to truly embrace their feminine energy and their bodies.

She helps clients to start undoing the conditioning that leads to burn out, disconnection and lack of fulfilment. She believes that the greatest empowerment for women comes when they fully return home to their bodies, live unapologetically and claim their deepest desires.

Stephanie grew up in New Mexico, between American and Mexican traditions. She felt the need to help others from an early age and graduated with a master’s in social work.

Now she runs her own coaching company, www.pursuitsoftheheart.com – don’t be shy to say hello and stay connected with her on Instagram @pursuitsoftheheart

women's festival leader